After years of work, we finally have the chance to pass our experience. Our intent is to train professionals in the media field, who can make their own way in this fantastic world, creating wonderful works. Our main goal, however, is to give training and career opportunities to Sicilian artists and technicians. So as to educate the Sicilian territory to film, television, photographic, journalistic and musical culture.

Courses, workshops, laboratories are at your disposal to learn and give you knowledge and competence.

Whether you want to do it for work or for passion.

Sedie vuote in Aula



 You will be joined by artists,

academically prepared and with professional experience in the field.

Years of experience, sets and organizations have given us the opportunity to identify some important steps that should not be overlooked.

We also work with external experts to complete our course package.

Your only concern will be that you have not had access to the many information that you will learn and that will help you in your artistic and professional path. Training is a fundamental factor for the individual, especially if you want to undertake new professional paths.


The team

Carmelo Cambria

Carmelo Cambria

  • Carmelo

Acting and Entrepreneurship Teacher.

Rosario Popolo

Rosario Popolo

  • Saro

Theater and Film Acting Teacher.

Ruben La Malfa

Ruben La Malfa

  • Ruben

Teacher of Dance, Dance and Musical.


Federico Maio

  • MARF

Teacher of Cinematography, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.



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